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Hi! I’m Riz and welcome to Chemical-Free Savvy page! I am a sucker when it comes to organic. With toxins and chemicals everywhere, in almost everything, I have been in search of many ways to minimize them in my everyday life. I am fully in charge of being kind to my body and mind.

We’ve been patronizing commercial products with little awareness that they’re slowly killing ourselves and our families. Too much chemicals in our bodies can lower our immune system, gives us tired-all-the-time syndrome, higher chance of getting cancer and other undesirable effects. If our body could only speak, it will scream at us with resentment. 

They say “Your body is the temple of your soul” and I absolutely agree with that. If you’re someone who also believes that health is never an expense but rather the best investment you can bet into, then your being here is not an accident. 

I discovered Young Living and since then it has been my best companion in this journey. They have array of products (essential oils, home, wellness & personal care) that suit an entire family in maintaining health and wellness. I am a Young Living member who enjoys all the benefits they have for their patrons. While I am also an international distributor, I am not coming from the intention of simply selling. With my personal experience, I truly believe that it’s a must-have for every home and a selfish act not to share these great products with those who also value wellness. 

This is the birth of ‘Chemical-Free Savvy’, here, I will share all my experiences and knowledge about essential oils and other organic products. If you sign up using the ‘Get Started’ button below,  you will be part of my team and you can always reach out to me for any questions, be it about the products or the compensation benefits. 

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